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How to Begin Teaching

Decide which topic you want to teach. You can break it down into modules for easy comprehension by the learners. Keep your eyes on the potential learner’s wishlist for insightful topics. Make sure the content is good enough to improve or develop profession.
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Our team is on standby to help you through out all the processes.
Use DSLR Camera or smartphone for your video recording. Those who do not want to appear in the camera can use screen recording tools such as PowerPoint recording addon, Camtasia, etc. Note that videos above two hours or more are recommended for a paid course.

Our Support
Our team is on standby to help you through out all the processes.
Publish you course for learners to procure and learn. Promote your courses through social media and other paid platforms. Your course will begin to generate income for you as learners paid to enroll on Africoursity course marketplace.

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We have coupon avaiable to eanble you offers enrollment incentives to improve promotion and drive traffic to your courses. Africoursity Business will bring you more income as businesses enroll their staff.

Why Start Teaching Now

Africoursity gives individual instructors and institutions the opportunity to reach more learners than they would able to do on their own and make extra income

Create and Teach Your Content

Publish the courses you want, the way you want it, and control your own content.

Develop Professionals

Teach what you know and help learners discover their interests, gain new skills, and advance their careers.

Earn Income

Expand your professional network, increase your expertise and earn money with pay-per-signup.

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